Child Killed By Fitting Room Mirror

Child Killed By Fitting Room Mirror

An inquest has heard how a four-year-old boy tragically died from ‘devastating’ head injuries when a shop fitting-room mirror toppled over and crushed him.

On the day of the accident at the Bicester outlet village in June 2013, the boy, who was accompanied by his parents at the time, entered the shop changing area as his father tried on a suit.

Whilst looking at his reflection, he started playing with the large winged sections that were attached by hinges to the main mirror.

As the boy’s father walked to his wife to try on a tie, the couple heard a loud bang and discovered their son lying motionless under the broken mirror.

Despite emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain following the accident, the boy sadly died four days later in hospital after his life-support was switched off.

Oxford Coroners Court heard that the heavy fitting-room mirror was not properly fixed to the shop wall and that its free-standing position meant it could easily overbalance.

Every occupier of land or buildings, whether the premises are a shop, home, factory, leisure club or park, has a duty of responsibility for visitors’ safety.

Public liability compensation claims can be brought when someone such as the little boy featured in the tragic case above, injures themselves or is killed because another person or group has neglected this duty.

If you were injured in an accident that was not your fault in a public place, then you may be entitled to get compensation. To obtain public liability compensation, you will have to show that the organisation responsible for maintaining the premises or outside space was negligent.

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