Council Pays Out Over £50,000 in Trip and Fall Compensation

Council Pays Out Over £50,000 in Trip and Fall Compensation

Norwich Council has had to pay out over £50,000 in compensation after members of the public have tripped over whilst walking on public pavements.

The Council has had 49 claims brought against them involving pedestrians tripping or falling. They managed to defend 40 of them but nine people were paid compensation totalling £52,427.

The majority of the claims were due to uneven paving slabs, pot-holes and manhole covers. There were no claims for people slipping on wet leaves or ice. Most of the injuries were minor but one person suffered a broken nose and another a sprained ankle.

The council said that the amount of money to spend on maintenance was limited and had to be prioritised, so it was not possible to provide a “perfect surface” over the whole area. In the next 12 months, £92,000 is due to be spent on kerbs and pavements.

Claims Against Councils can range from tripping on a pavement to being injured on Council property like a school or office. It doesn’t matter whether you are working or just visiting a property, if you are injured on the premises you are entitled to claim.

School pupils are also able to claim compensation for injuries. For example in 2013 a pupil was awarded £100,000 when a cupboard fell off a wall in a classroom. Another was awarded £7,695 after trapping their hand in a door.

It is up to the Council to make sure that they keep their residents safe from harm and thoroughly assess risks to the public.

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