Driver Awarded £4million after Missed Brain Injury Diagnosis

Driver Awarded £4million after Missed Brain Injury Diagnosis

Road traffic accidents occur more often than we like to think and can often result in life changing injuries. In 2014 there were 192,910 accidents on British roads that resulted in injury and 1,730 fatalities. Driving has become a lot safer in recent years but sadly car accidents are a daily occurrence.

You can claim compensation for road traffic accident injuries if the accident was caused by the fault of another motorist, person or party. It doesn’t matter if you were the driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or what mode of transport you were using. But what if the injuries you sustained in the accident aren’t immediately obvious?

In 2006 26 year old Paul Vallance was injured in a head on collision after an oncoming driver lost control of their vehicle. He suffered a broken leg, shoulder and nose as well as a mild head injury but the seriousness of the brain damage wasn’t realised until much later. The head injury left him with amnesia and unable to exercise self-control or use appropriate language and he was fired from numerous jobs for losing his temper and lashing out.

Initially Paul was assessed for compensation on the physical injuries but the seriousness of the brain injury was missed by the insurance company. It was only in 2014 after 8 years of continuous problems that he sought further help and his extensive brain injury was discovered. He had suffered a cerebral oedema, intra-cranial hematoma and subdural haemorrhage, all of which damaged his emotional control and executive functioning. This had all been missed during his initial medical diagnosis.

Even after 8 years he was able to get help from specialist Lawyers who took his case to the High Court and Paul was then awarded £4million compensation.

So it doesn’t matter what happens at the time of a road traffic accident, if the injuries sustained worsen over time or aren’t diagnosed immediately you still have the right to claim compensation if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Always keep a record of any symptoms you have and ensure you see a doctor or medical specialist. In most cases you can claim compensation for any pain or suffering, and any expenses or lost earnings. You can also claim for the expense of any on-going treatment and rehabilitation or equipment you might need to help you recover.

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