Fall from Height Accidents at Trampoline Parks on the up

Fall from Height Accidents at Trampoline Parks

It was recently reported that there had been over 100 accidents at a trampoline park in Scotland within three weeks of it opening. The 10,000 square foot park of trampolines in the Mayfield Industrial Estate in Dalkeith opened on 23rd January 2015 and the accidents reported have included broken bones and a broken back and neck.

Trampoline parks typically consist of a warehouse in an industrial estate with wall to wall trampolines. Some contain different levels, trampolines at different angles and foam pits which you can dive into. They first became popular in the US and are fast becoming a phenomenon in the UK with parks in Yorkshire, Manchester, Milton Keynes, London, two in Surrey and one due to open up in Birmingham.

There is currently no regulating body which sets definitive rules for safety in trampoline parks. Serious injuries can result from Fall from Height Accidents when jumpers land awkwardly or hit another participant on the move.

Some parks are active in setting their own rules for safety like making grip-socks compulsory footwear, limiting the number of people allowed on the trampolines at any one time and having sessions with set times for children within distinct age ranges. The thing which all UK trampoline parks have in common is a waiver form which must be filled out for each participant by an adult.

The Ryze trampoline park in Midlothian was described as chaotic by Mrs McKenna, whose husband had a serious injury at the park, fracturing his vertebrae in two places. Mrs McKenna alleged there were teenagers on the same trampolines as small children and complained of a lack of proper monitoring.

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