Faulty Equipment at Work Led to Man’s Death

Faulty Equipment Causes Accidents and Death at Work

A Deeside company owner has been fined after one of their workers fell from a height of 40ft from a ladder and suffered a fatal head injury. Gethin Kirwan from Chester was working at a property in Llandudno when he fell from a ladder that had a number of serious safety defects.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) accepted that the ladder wasn’t responsible for Mr Kirwan’s fall but it was faulty and had the potential to cause serious injuries. They found that the feet of the ladder were worn through, rungs were bent and one was missing. The defects were obvious even with a quick look over and it should never have been supplied to staff.

Accidents at work due to faulty equipment are more common than you would probably think. An estimated 629,000 people had an accident at work in 2013/14; over 203,000 led to over 3 day’s absence from work, of which 148,000 led to over 7 day’s absence.

An injury at work can leave you with on-going health issues that can sometimes mean that you are unable to carry on with what you are doing. An outdoors activity instructor in Southampton was left permanently disabled after a defective rope caused him to fall from a platform. This resulted in a broken back and crushed foot and ankle, which later had to be amputated. It was discovered that the supplied rope wasn’t up to standard and simply unravelled in his harness.

Employers have a duty to their staff to make sure that they are supplied with equipment that is safe to use and that they are fully trained on how to use it. The Law protects you from accidents at work and you are able to claim compensation if you become injured whilst using supplied equipment. If you can prove that the workplace accident was partly or completely someone else’s fault, you would be able to pursue the employer for compensation.

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