Firefighter Awarded Six Figure Compensation after Training Accident

Firefighter Awarded Compensation after Accident At Work

A Yorkshire firefighter has been awarded a six-figure sum in his compensation claim after a ladder he was using during a training exercise failed and he was left with life changing injuries.

Michael Hollings was using a 13.5 metre ladder during training which cracked and fell to the ground.

He was wearing a harness so when the ladder hit the top of a fence he was left hanging in mid air.

He suffered a fracture of the spine, two dislocated elbows and forearms, a fracture in his right foot and concussion. He had to have two operations on his arms and had to wear a metal brace for several months.

After his Accident at Work Michael was forced to medically retire and leave his role with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (WYFRS) as well as his second job as a HGV driver.

The injuries have left him unable to work and having to have twice-weekly physiotherapy. He will have to undergo lengthy rehabilitation to regain full movement in his arms and may need to have a spinal cord stimulator fitted.

The interim compensation claim pay-out covers lifestyle adaptations such as buying an automatic car and paying for access to rehabilitation. The following six-figure payment will come from WYFRS in due course.

Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees, no matter how high risk the occupation. The ladder in this instance wasn’t fit for purpose and shouldn’t have been in use. Michael Hollings has been left unable to work and support himself financially. This compensation award will see that he has everything he needs to recover.

You are entitled to compensation if you are injured at work and can prove that the accident was partly or completely someone else’s fault. For example if your employer hasn’t supplied appropriate tools or equipment, or they were not fit for purpose.

Your employer cannot treat you unfairly or dismiss you for claiming compensation. By law, businesses must have Employer’s Liability Insurance to cover them in case of accidents so it’s the insurers that would pay your compensation and not the employer.

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