Questions to Ask before Lifting a Heavy Object

How to Avoid Back Injury when Manual Handling

The Health and Safety Executive reported that manual handling accounted for over 90% of the injuries which required workers to take a week or more off work in 2013/14. With around 909,000 working days lost within that two-year period due to handling injuries Claims Direct expert Personal Injury solicitors have decided to highlight common types of handling injuries and how to avoid back injury.

There are many different types of injuries you can sustain from handling objects including strains, sprains, trapped fingers and cuts from sharp objects. The most common injury from manual handling is a back injury due to lifting, carrying or pushing heavy loads.

In order to decrease the risks of sustaining a Back Injury from manual handling there are several questions you can ask yourself.

Can I Carry this Load?

If the load is too heavy to lift safely do not attempt to do so. Instead split the load up or use a conveyor or trolley.

Where am I Going with this Heavy Load?

Ensure you know where exactly to take the load so as to avoid carrying it a further distance than you have to. Repetitive strain injuries are more likely to occur with extra unnecessarily picking up and putting down of the load.

Is the Path Safe and Clear?

Examine the workplace layout checking for any trip hazards. Make sure there is enough space for unrestricted movement so that you can lower the load without having to twist or bend awkwardly.

Do I Have the Right Manual Handling Training?

Employers have a duty to protect their staff from accidents at work. They must train all staff who do any form of manual handling and must carry out a risk assessment to minimise the chance of injury.

Remember you have the right to claim compensation for a back injury sustained at work from your employers’ liability insurance and your employer is not allowed to dismiss you for doing so.

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