Drivers Fear Dangerous Road in West Yorkshire

Kirklees Council Closes Hazardous Road in West Yorkshire

A hazardous country lane in Brockholes, West Yorkshire has been closed following numerous car accidents, with complaints and concerns for safety.

Kirklees Council implemented the emergency closure of Smithy Place Lane in Brockholes. The narrow country lane runs between New Mill Road and Woodhead Road, with a blind left hand bend going downhill. Drivers have compared the slippery smooth surface Smithy Place Lane to a “bobsleigh run” that is like driving on “black ice.”

Several locals and passers-through complained about the hazardous road to Huddersfield paper, the Examiner, citing terrifying experiences when driving the route on a daily basis. Mrs Bullas, a local resident who lives near the closed road in Brockholes, said, “My son was involved in a car accident in the same spot in January when driving home as he was hit by another car travelling down the hill. Since then I am aware of at least three of four other accidents.”

Other locals have reported traumatic accidents involving crashes due to losing control of their cars because of the road’s surface, raising questions of public liability and compensation for both personal injuries and the cars being written off.

Huddersfield University lecturer, Dr McCluskey crashed into the side of a van on Smithy Place Lane with her daughter driving the car. When she braked at the road’s blind spot, the car accelerated, leaving her defenceless as her car crashed into the van. Dr McCluskey said, “I asked if the insurance company could investigate these road traffic accidents on my behalf to determine liability and compensation, but the insurance company have said it is unlikely the council would take responsibility.”

It is often the case that such road closures are reported following a severe road traffic accident. Though traumatic, none of the currently reported accidents on Smithy Place Lane have caused a fatal accident, fortunately allowing the council the foresight to close the road before any more accidents can occur.

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