Teenager Gets Amputation Compensation after Work Accident

Teenager Gets Amputation Compensation after Work Accident

A teenage boy received a large compensation pay-out for personal injuries following an accident whilst on work experience at a garage.

The 15 year-old was working in a garage as part of a work experience programme in 2010. The unnamed victim was asked to help lift a 14 foot metal bar by one of the mechanics. The teenager said that the bar was too heavy and didn’t believe he was strong enough, but the mechanic told him that it was “part of the job.” Being four inches thick, the heavy bar was difficult to grip. The mechanic dropped his end and the teenager was left holding the weight of the bar alone. The school student dropped the bar and was unable to free his hands in time, ultimately crushing his left hand. As a result, his index finger was amputated.

Following the accident the victim was uncertain if he was eligible for a compensation claim because the breach in health and safety didn’t come from management and he wasn’t a contracted employee at the garage. The garage made an offer of £50,000 in compensation.

Many people are very surprised to learn that they can claim compensation for injuries caused by an accident in a workplace whether you’re an employee or not. Whether you were self-employed, a contractor, a temporary agency worker, a full-time employee, or even just visiting the premises at the time of the accident, laws are in place to protect you from accidents in a workplace even if you may have been partly at fault.

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