World Cancer Day and a Report into Work Related Cancer

World Cancer Day and a Report into Work Related Cancer

It was World Cancer Day on 4th February and it highlighted a report on work-related cancer.

The report came from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) and looked in particular at the various assessment methods which are currently used.

The aims of the report were to set out the various matters which can cause cancer in the workplace and to look at where the information currently comes from and how this might be improved. All of which will then help towards the various prevention measures.

Such a topic can seem so huge as to be overwhelming but the end goal of prevention is clearly worth it. One of the main things that came out of the report was the need to broaden the knowledge base through such matters as exchanging information at the international level as well as looking at new potential risks.

This report is to be welcomed as the more information which can be shared and studied by researchers the better. This is in relation not only to the various potential risks but also as to what can be done to prevent occupational cancer in the first place.

The problem can be that the risks might seem small or even non-existent when the sample size is limited. Work related cancers might be put down to other factors rather than potentially the actual cause.

But when the sample is enlarged through the exchange of information across national boundaries then causative factors may come out which otherwise might not have been known or only have been suspected.

Of course, the flip side of this is that when studies are done under very different conditions and perhaps with different aims in mind then there is also a risk of jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Which is all the more reason for careful studies and reports where methodology can be assessed and recommendations made for bringing this information together in the most useful way possible.

But beyond even this, the report also emphasises the ultimate task of helping people to avoid the risks. This can sometimes come through government intervention and legislation.

But it can also come through education and raising awareness more generally, something that things such as World Cancer Day can help to promote.

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