Horse Riding Accidents – Make Sure You’re Insured

Horse Riding Accidents – Make Sure You’re Insured

Horse riding is many things; it can be a sport, a job and a hobby. It is also very dangerous whatever the scenario and people should be mindful of safety for themselves, the horse and people around them when riding.

When it comes to insurance, people have to have car insurance by law but anything else, house insurance, life insurance, travel insurance are all optional. Insurance for horse riding also falls into the optional category, if you are not insured; you ride at your own risk.

Although you might not be thinking about the possibility of an accident when you mount your horse, it is important to insure yourself anyway just in case of a potential accident. By having such insurance, you are safeguarding yourself in the event of an accident.

Horse riding accidents can have a severe knock on effect on a person’s daily life and can be life changing in a negative way.

With the season of horse racing upon us, when you’re placing your bets, spare a thought for the Jockey’s and their horses should they fall on the racecourse. Some of the falls that we see on TV close up are horrific. At this point it’s no longer fun, especially when there’s a need for medical and veterinary attention.

So How Do you Insure for Horse Riding?

To insure yourself and your horse in case of an accident, it is more or less the same process as setting up insurance for anything else, such as car, house, life and travel insurance etc.

You can get specialist equine insurance where you can insure for horse-related matters such as:

  • Horse Insurance
  • Mature Horse Insurance
  • Horse Trailer Insurance
  • Horse Rider Insurance
  • Trailer Hire Insurance
  • Horse Box Insurance

It is important to do your research when it comes to horse insurance, regardless of which type of insurance you require. Research various companies via comparison websites to ensure you’re picking the right insurance for yours and your horse’s needs.

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