Medical Negligence Explained

Medical Negligence Explained

Clinical Negligence, also known as Medical Negligence, is the term used to describe a situation where a patient has been treated by a medical professional and mistakes were made, causing the patient to suffer the effects of the mistake.

In extreme cases, some medical errors can lead to serious injury such as brain damage or spinal injury. Some mistakes could even be fatal. Other types of clinical negligence claims include: cerebral palsy, birth injuries, anaesthetic awareness, mistakes in diagnosing and treating cancer, orthopaedic errors including problems from hip and knee surgery, GP negligence, keyhole surgery errors, dental errors and prescription errors.

You can make a medical negligence claim providing you can prove that the medical professional failed to carry out their duties and that because of this you are now worse off in your current position than before the negligence occurred. To prove both of these, we recommend that you see an independent medical professional who can provide such evidence.

To be the victim of a medical error is traumatising enough without worrying about the legalities of making a claim.

Claims Direct have a team of expert Clinical and Medical Negligence Lawyers who understand the sensitivity of these types of cases. We will handle your case in a sympathetic manner and provide you with the best legal advice to suit your particular needs.

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