Tips to Avoid Trips

5 Tips to Avoid Slips and Trips

The most common cause of major workplace injuries is slips and trips. If you were to fall over at work it could leave you in pain, needing rehabilitation and cause you to have time off sick.

So to help avoid slips and trips in the workplace the expert Personal Injury Lawyers at Claims Direct have put together some tips to help you stay safe and avoid accidents.

1. No Obstacle to Safety

Clear all obstacles! Be proactive about it; so if you see items laying around that someone could trip over, either move them yourself or inform your employer. This could be as simple as moving your colleague’s bag from in the aisle to under the desk or storing that box in a cupboard rather than in the corridor.

2. The Cable Guy

Sort out cables so that none trail across the office floor. Use cable guards to cover your cables when required. The simplest thing to do is to place your equipment well when setting up. Avoid having cables cross pedestrian routes.

3. Don’t be Wet

Clear up that spillage straight away. Do everything you can to help keep floors clean and dry. If you can think of a way to prevent contamination of any kind, be it water, oils or other waste, suggest it to your team and try to get the preventative measure put in place.

4. Let There be Light

Don’t be left in the dark! If you’re in a dark room you’re less likely to see trip hazards. So report instances of inadequate lighting to your employer.

5. Level Up

Changes of levels should be clearly marked so that people are aware not to trip up going from one level to the next. Similarly employers should signpost slopes to avoid surprise slips and trips. Going off-piste could leave workers feeling piste off!

If you have been given any safety advice in your workplace make sure you follow it. If you see or are involved in a slip or trip accident you should report it to your employer. Plus if you see any near misses, where someone almost slipped or tripped, you should report this as well so that measures can be put in place to help decrease the risk of workers slipping and tripping in the future.

The Personal Injury Lawyers at Claims Direct deal with slip, trip and fall accident at work compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

You would be claiming for compensation from your employer’s liability insurance and not your employer themselves. Compensation can help to make up for any pain and suffering you might have experienced as a result of slipping or tripping.

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