5 Top Tips for Construction Workers Working at Height

5 Top Tips for Construction Workers Working at Height

Despite significant reductions in injuries in the construction industry over the last two decades, construction is the most dangerous land-based sector of work in Europe. In Britain, 5% of employees work in construction, yet the construction industry accounts for 31% of fatal injuries to employees.

Are you working safely? Claims Direct Personal Injury Lawyers have constructed 5 top tips for construction workers working at height:

1. Avoid Work at Height – Wherever possible you should try to avoid working at height. Ask yourself can the work be done safely from the ground? Assess the risks of working at height. Limit the risks by taking appropriate precautions and giving clear instruction to everyone who will work at height.

2. Make Sure Access is Safe – Different methods of safe access can include fixed or mobile scaffolding towers, general access scaffolds, mobile access equipment, stair towers, roof access hatches and ladders.

3. Organise and Plan Roof Work – Around 20% of fatal construction accidents involve roof work and many of these accidents could be avoided if the worker is given the right training and supervision. If you are planning to work on a roof ensure that there are clear instructions for all of the people who will be carrying out the work. There should be guards to prevent falls from edges and any openings that there might be.

4. Beware of Fragile Surfaces – 22% of all fall from height injuries in the construction industry are from falling through fragile surfaces such as roof lights and fibre cement roofs. Avoid working on or near fragile surfaces so as to prevent the risk of falling through. Control the remaining risks by using guard rails, staging and putting systems in place to stop falls like lifelines and nets.

5. Pre-use Ladder Checks – Conduct pre-use ladder checks to detect any serious defects the ladder might have which could potentially cause an accident. Before getting on the ladder carry out a check, check again if the ladder has been dropped or repositioned from an area where the feet could have been damaged or worn.

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If you have had a fall from height at work you can claim compensation for your injuries from your Employers’ Liability Insurance. This can help pay for rehabilitation costs and cover any loss of earnings and redress the pain and suffering you’ve felt.

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