Self-employed Engineer Dies Falling through Crematorium Roof

Engineer Dies Falling through Crematorium Roof

Self-employed agricultural engineer Paul Hoskin fell through a roof, falling 6.6 metres to his death, on 6th September 2013.

He was in Newton Abbot carrying out repairs to the cement fibre roof of a pet and equine crematorium which had holes in it. Lying on the fragile roof he reached for a drill when the roof gave way and he plunged 6.6 meters to his death. There was a wooden pallet held in place by a forklift truck just below the roof in order to break a fall, however because it was over a metre below the level of the roof it was not fit for purpose.

Mr Hoskin hit the wooden pallet and metal frame before hitting the floor. The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the fatal accident and fined the owner of the pet and equine crematorium £45,000.

The crematorium should have identified the agricultural engineer was not competent to carry out work on roofs because he didn’t have working at height qualifications. The employee who was helping him also didn’t have any training or experience in roof work. Even though there was a ‘Danger – Fragile Roof’ sign, both workers were allowed to walk on the roof. There was also no harness, lanyards, work platforms or crawling boards in place to prevent the fall from height.

Sadly these types of accident are far too common. In 2013/14, there were 19 fatal accidents where people died of injuries sustained by falling from height. Falls from height are the most common cause of fatal accidents at work, accounting for 29% of all fatal injuries to workers in the UK. You can fracture your spine from a height as short as 3m and most people who suffer a fatal accident falling from height die because they fracture their spine near the top.

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