Fatal Train Accidents | Stand Clear of the Yellow Line

Fatal Train Accidents | Stand Clear of the Yellow Line

As we all know, trains travel at very high speeds and if they aren’t stopping at a particular stop, the gust of wind that accompanies them as they pass by can be fatal to people stood on the platform.

In the media lately there have been stories of horrific incidents. One of which involved a child who was tragically pulled from the platform by the force of a train passing at speed whilst in a pushchair, resulting in a fatal accident.

Another story involved a man who was also tragically pulled from the platform by the sheer force of a train passing at speed, again resulting in a fatal accident.

A woman who survived a train incident was very lucky to be alive when she ran for a train and stepped one foot onto it when it was stationary and about to move off, as she did, the train jerked forward causing the woman to lose her footing and become trapped between the train and the platform. At this point, the train set off causing the woman to slip onto the tracks.

She was dragged by the train and by the time it stopped, one of her legs had been ripped clean off, the other was still attached by a thread. She also suffered from cracked ribs. In the end, the surviving leg couldn’t be saved and had to be removed completely, leaving the woman with prosthetic limbs.

In light of these horrific incidents, the moral of the story is, stand well clear of the yellow line on the platform, don’t try and board a train that is about to set off, wait for the next one and don’t leave your children unattended in a pushchair on the platform even if you apply the brake.

It pays to be extra vigilant at the train station to ensure yourself and others are kept safe and are not at risk of being dragged onto the track which could result in a fatal accident.

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