How to Avoid Accidents on Escalators

How to Avoid Accidents on Escalators

An escalator can be a very convenient way to navigate your way through a busy building such as a shopping centre, train station or airport. An escalator can also be dangerous and the reality is, accidents can happen on them.

When on an escalator to go up or down, you don’t think about any potential danger, you simply stand on them absentmindedly whether you have luggage or not.

Even though they are among the safest ways to travel indoors, it is important to take care on escalators to ensure accidents such as slips and trips are prevented, especially if you have shopping bags, luggage, or a pushchair or wheelchair.

Noteworthy Escalator Tips

Although it may seem obvious, common sense is not always present in an escalator situation; here are some safety tips to take note of when using an escalator:

  • Watch the direction the steps are moving in and take care when stepping on and off.
  • Never step on an escalator travelling in the opposite direction.
  • Use the hand rails to help maintain your balance.
  • If you have a child present, ensure you carry them in one arm so you can hold the hand rail with the other or hold onto the child’s hand with a firm grip and be mindful of their foot work stepping on and off.
  • Do not travel on an escalator with a pushchair or wheelchair, use a lift instead.
  • Stand clear of the sides of the escalator when on it and ensure loose clothing is kept well clear of the sides and steps.
  • When stepping off the escalator, don’t hesitate, move promptly and ensure you step over the comb fingers. Do not let your feet simply slide off the end.
  • Next time you are on an escalator, remember these tips to ensure your safety and the safety of the people around you.

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