Preparing for Your Holiday in the Sun

Preparing for Your Holiday in the Sun

Summer weather is just about upon us – well, it’s been trying at least. Whilst most of us are welcoming the sun and heat here in England and Wales, many will be travelling abroad to spend time in a more dependable summer climate.

For the many ways we advise caution in avoiding accidents that could lead to an injury when on your holiday or travelling abroad, in this blog we are offering a gentle word of warning on some of the most common summer sun-related illnesses.

Heat Exhaustion

You may be keen to get in the sun out of the English weather, but heat exhaustion is a common problem for many people used to cooler climates. It can be a mild condition compared to more serious heat-related illnesses. If you suffer heat exhaustion, your body temperature increases to between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius and symptoms, whilst not life-threatening could certainly ruin a pleasant day on the beach, include weakness, headaches and dizziness.


One of the effects of over-heating in the sun is dehydration. By drinking plenty of fluids, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine which increase fluid loss, you will avoid the headaches and sickness that come with dehydration.

Heat Stroke

Heat exhaustion can become a life-threatening illness if it gets out of control and your body temperature rises above 40 degrees, damaging the function of your internal organs. Symptoms include sickness, dehydration, high temperature, confusion, and abnormal heart rate. To avoid heat stroke, be sure to stay well hydrated and limit your sun exposure, and take advantage of a hotel pool or the sea if you’re able to go in for a dip to cool your body temperature.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning on holiday is sadly more common than many believe. Though any establishment responsible for the preparation or serving of food should maintain strict health and safety maintenance to ensure food is not contaminated, some do not. Unhygienic kitchen conditions and food left out and exposed to bacteria and the high temperatures of summer can result in food poisoning. Recently in the headlines was the story of four tonnes worth of watermelons when 17 people were taken to hospital with severe stomach pains due to food poisoning in Qingdao.

See our earlier blog on avoiding food poisoning in warmer weather.

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