3 Non-Technology Related Driver Distractions That Cause Accidents

We often hear about accidents caused by drivers looking at their phones, but there are many other non-digital distracted driver stories out there.


Teenager Falls From Height at Rock Climbing Club

Essex County Council failed to keep young people safe whilst at the Harlow Centre for Outdoor Learning resulting in bruised internal organs for one girl.


Crushed by a Forklift Truck

A lorry driver was crushed against a trailer by a forklift truck whilst loading up working at a TRW Ltd site in Solihull. He sustained broken ribs and internal bruising.


Petros Pogosyan’s Paralysing Fall From Height

In January 2013 Petros Pogosyan fell through a skylight, down four and a half meters onto a hard concrete floor sustaining injuries that will change his life forever.


Distracted Drivers - Woman Eats Bowl of Cereal at the Wheel

A London cyclist caught helmet camera footage of a woman eating a bowl of cereal whilst driving. Drivers who perform a secondary task at the wheel are much more likely to crash.

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