3 Non-Technology Related Driver Distractions That Cause Accidents

3 Non-Tech, Accident-Causing Driver Distractions

Distracted driver stories often feature drivers who have caused accidents because they’ve been concentrating more on a hi-tech gadget than the road ahead.

Road accidents involving the use of a mobile phone are increasing by 10% each year according to Department of Transport statistics, so it’s not surprising that the media concentrates on these digital distractions – especially considering one in 11 drivers use a smartphone while driving.

There are many other reasons why drivers become distracted behind the wheel that don’t have anything to do with technology.

So, we thought we’d look at three kinds of non-digital driver distractions that have been known to cause road traffic accidents:

1. Sneezing

We’ve all suffered colds from time to time and know how violent a sneeze can be. Drivers who sneeze close their eyes temporarily – even a second spent looking away from the road can increase the accident risk.

A Halfords Autocentres study found that 9% of the UK’s 2.6 million drivers admitted taking their eyes off the road because they had a cold or the flu.

We’re more prone to cold and flu symptoms in winter but, with hay fever more prevalent at this time of year, the accident risk posed by sneezing drivers isn’t purely a seasonal thing.

2. Sun Glare

Almost 3,000 road accidents a year are caused by drivers distracted by the glare of the setting sun. 36 of these accidents are fatal.

These shocking statistics were reported by the AA who warned of the risk posed by drivers dazzled by the sun on their windscreen.

Minor roads that have lots of twists and turns can be worse for sun glare as drivers – especially those travelling at speed – can turn unexpectedly into a dazzling sunset.

3. Rubbernecking

The term “rubbernecking” is used to describe drivers who slow down and turn their heads to look at the scene of a road traffic accident.

Rubbernecking drivers that become distracted and take their eyes off the road can easily cause further accidents and injuries to other drivers.

Recently, police confirmed that more than 40 rubberneckers will be prosecuted after they slowed down to film or photograph the scene of a major car accident on the M25.

It’s clear that police take rubbernecking very seriously. Anyone who has been in an accident caused by a rubbernecking driver – or any other type of distracted driver – is entitled to claim compensation for any injuries sustained.

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