Crushed by a Forklift Truck

Crushed by a Forklift Truck

In Solihull, a worker was crushed against a trailer by a forklift truck sustaining serious injuries.

The man was a lorry driver for Ford Motor Company. He was making a collection from TRW Automotive’s Shirley site in Solihull when the crush accident happened. He was crushed against the bed of a trailer as he was altering its support beam in order to load up when the forklift truck dropped its load.

His broken bones included broken ribs and internal bruising. Despite the accident occurring on the 18 August 2014, because of on-going physical problems, the lorry driver has sadly not been able to return to work.

TRW Ltd was fined £14,000 and ordered to pay full costs amounting to £3,988.50 for breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act. Despite the company having a general transport policy, it did not ensure that pedestrians are kept away from dangerous areas during loading or unloading operations. The magistrate described TRW Ltd’s breach as extremely serious with a high potential for harm, this could have easily been a fatal accident.

Since the accident, the company has made changes. They now have measures in place that segregate pedestrians from the areas in which vehicles are likely to operate. This is a vast improvement from the system they relied on earlier, which involved relying on the fork lift driver’s training and high visibility jackets to prevent accidents.

Every year there are over 5,000 accidents at work that involve vehicles. Being crushed is one of the main causes of these vehicular accidents. Segregation is an important aspect of safe site design. A well-designed site should keep people and vehicles segregated in order to make workplace transport accidents less likely. One-way traffic routes that are clearly marked out with separate entrances and exits for pedestrians and drivers are ideal.

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