Firm Fined after Apprentice Injured at Work

Firm Fined after Apprentice Injured at Work

A 16-year-old apprentice at Dresser Mouldings in Rochdale suffered severe hand injuries whilst working with an experienced colleague at the company’s sawmill.

The firm has been fined for not keeping staff safe and failing to effectively prevent access to dangerous parts of the machinery.

The apprentice lost his middle finger and part of his thumb when his glove caught on a rotating blade inside a machine. The machinery had become jammed so that wood could not feed through properly. The apprentice was looking inside and helping to adjust the machinery when the incident happened.

The Health and Safety Executive have investigated the accident and found that Dresser Mouldings did not do enough to keep their staff safe. The company has been fined over £18,000. The HSE has stated that the injuries could have been easily avoided if the company simply had measures in place to ensure that workers did not come into contact with the machine blades.

It is your employer’s responsibility to keep you safe at work. Health and Safety Laws protect you from unsafe workplaces and your employer must adhere to the laws. If they don’t, and you get injured, you have the right to claim compensation for your injuries.

Businesses are required by law to have Employer’s Liability Insurance to protect against any work accidents – so the insurance company pays for any compensation, not your employer. Also, if you do claim for compensation your employer cannot treat you unfairly or dismiss you after doing so.

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