Fragile Surfaces

Fragile Surfaces

If you are working at height on a fragile surface you need to take care. Each year around seven people are killed falling through a roof light or fragile roof and many more are sadly left disabled for life.

Who is Most at Risk?

Construction workers, builders and farming workers are the types of workers who are at greatest risk. This is because they are the most likely to carry out small, short-term maintenance and cleaning jobs. These are the sort of jobs that have the greatest number of fatal accidents where people have fallen through fragile surfaces.

What Buildings Are the Most Dangerous?

Accidents where people fall through roof lights and other fragile roof surfaces are most common on factories, warehouses and farm buildings.

Fragile Surfaces to be Aware of:

• Corroded metal sheets
• Fibre cement sheets that are not reinforced
• Glass or wired glass
• Old liner panels on built-up sheeted roofs
• Old roof lights
• Rotted chipboard
• Slates and tiles

Ways to Avoid Working on Fragile Surfaces

Netting – You can use netting during minor roof works such as quick repairs. Safety netting should be secured underneath fragile surfaces such as roof lights to help prevent fall from height injuries.

Work From Underneath – You can avoid having to go on the roof at all if you use a work platform that allows you to use adapted roof fixings in order to replace and secure new roof lights and roof sheets from underneath.

MEWPs – A mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) is a great tool, which allows people to work from a basket-type platform suspended securely over a rooftop. It saves workers from having to tread on top of dangerous fragile surfaces. MEWPs are ideal for when workers need access to the topside of a roof.

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