Mind the Moving Steps: The Dangers of Escalators

Mind the Moving Steps: The Dangers of Escalators

It is often the case that personal injuries occur when we least expect them. This is usually because victims are in surroundings in which they are comfortable, and so their guard is lowered. Public areas such as shopping centres are for many a comfort zone, or at least a place where you would expect health and safety are well-managed, offering peace of mind.

When it comes to escalators, should there be more warnings and safety precautions in public places?

Frequently in the headlines are the traumatic tales of accidents involving escalators. Recently a woman in Quebec was fatally injured when her scarf was trapped in an escalator at a Montreal train station. Similar was the horrific news story of a man in Seattle strangled to death when his shirt was caught in an escalator. Such accidents conjure the image of people minding their own business as they mount an escalator, likely thinking of anything but how loose clothing could potentially snare on the moving parts of an escalator.

At great risk are small children, if left unaware of the dangers of an escalator. Passing through shopping centres and multi-storey supermarkets, children are generally left to play on escalators; the moving stairs and conveyor belt treated like a ride. But headlining stories of children seriously injured in accidents involving an escalator should serve as a warning to all responsible parents.

Recently, Youtube footage emerged that captured the last moments of a six year old girl in a mall in Malaysia where she was playing at the top of an escalator before she was pulled by the moving handrail to her sudden death. Countless are the past headlines of small children suffering amputation from accidents involving a public escalator. 

The potential scenarios for an injury caused by an accident on an escalator are plentiful and perhaps vivid enough that they needn’t be spelled out; suffice it to say that fatal injuries are sadly common when it comes to accidents on public escalators. Escalators in large public buildings are hazardous by design; comprised of moving sharp, corrugated metal with little in the way of a guard from the teeth-like edge of the landing platform.

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