Next Recalls Heart Kettle Due to Faulty Handle

Next Recalls Heart Kettle Due to Faulty Handle

Do you own a pretty red kettle from Next decorated with little white hearts? You may want to check if it’s one of the kettles that have been recalled due to a faulty handle.

The fault appears to affect just the handle, which, for some customers, has become loose and detached from the rest of the kettle. This could case burn injuries if the kettle drops whilst full of boiling water.

Next has issued the following batch numbers so you must check to see if your kettle is one of them.

  • QL8431134
  • QL8431147
  • QL8451871
  • QL8451884
  • QL8458638
  • QL8458641
  • QL8451053
  • QL8451066
  • QL8451790
  • QL8451800
  • QL8457778
  • QL8457817
  • QL8457820

You can find this on a label on the bottom of the base unit that the kettle sits on. Next has advised that you stop using the kettle immediately and call them on 0333 777 8185 to arrange a collection, or you can return it to your local store.

Faulty and defective products cause hundreds of injuries in British homes every year. Faulty electrical items are to blame for numerous house fires, burns and electric shocks that can cause lasting damage.

Over the past four years companies have tried to recall around four million appliances, including washing machines, hairdryers and mobile phone chargers, and now Next have added their kettles to the long list.

Consumers have a right to buy goods that are fit for purpose, safe to use and in working order. If this isn’t the case you have the right to a replacement or a part or full refund.

If you are injured by a product whilst using it in the manner it is meant to be used, you can hold the manufacturer accountable by claiming compensation.

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