Petros Pogosyan’s Paralysing Fall From Height

Petros Pogosyan’s Paralysing Fall From Height

In January 2013, Petros Pogosyan had a life changing accident. He was working for building restoration service Race Interiors Ltd on an industrial estate in London.

The 55 year old was working on a unit roof when he fell through a skylight, down four and a half meters onto a hard concrete floor. Skylights are notoriously dangerous. 22% of construction industry fall from height injuries are sustained by falling through fragile surfaces such as skylights.

The dangers of working at height are well documented and so this accident at work should never have happened. The fall from height left Mr Pogosyan with injuries that will change his life forever. He is now paralysed from the waist down, the fall fractured his back. Not only this, he also sustained damage to his brain and became partially deaf. This tragedy has sadly left the Armenian national with psychological trauma and forced his wife to give up work in order to become his full-time carer.

The construction company was found guilty of many serious safety failings. There was a complete lack of planning and Race Interiors Ltd failed to carry out a risk assessment. In addition to this, the supervisor was untrained and there was no protection in order to prevent Mr Pogosyan from falling through the roof.

Race Interiors Ltd pleaded guilty to safety failings at Southwark Crown Court. Due to the seriousness of their breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act the restoration service was initially ordered to pay fines of £60,000.

The £60,000 fine was later converted into a compensation order, which was to go straight to Mr Pogosyan.

Skylights are amongst the most dangerous surfaces to work on. To find out more fragile surfaces to be aware of when working at height see our Fragile Surfaces blog.

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