Wine Society Recalls 15,000 Bottles of Prosecco

Wine Society Recalls 15,000 Bottles of Prosecco

Bottles of Prosecco have popped even before they’ve been opened! The Wine Society’s own label, Prosecco, has had to be recalled as bottles have been exploding for no apparent reason.

There haven’t been any reported injuries so far but customers have contacted the company to tell them that the Prosecco bottles have shattered, spraying glass and wine everywhere.

The Food Standards agency has issued a product recall notice and advised customers not to drink the wine, and to call the Wine Society for a collection and refund.

The bottles affected by the faulty product recall include lot numbers:

• L15S051
• L15S092
• L145322

If you have a bottle of Prosecco with any of these numbers on, please do not drink it, and call the Wine Society straight away on: 01438 741 177.

Faulty products cause hundreds of injuries in the UK every year, ranging from minor to life changing. When we buy a product we expect it to be safe and fit for purpose. In fact, the Sales of Goods Act states that products must be safe.

Manufacturers must be held accountable when they distribute unsafe products, and most issue a recall as soon as problems come to light. Trading Standards keeps an up to date list of product recalls, so you can check to see if you might be affected.

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