Woman Killed by Lion Whilst on Safari

Woman Killed by Lion Whilst on Safari

An American woman has been killed by a lion whilst on a safari in Johannesburg, South Africa. The lion climbed through an open car window whilst the tourist was visiting a popular attraction called The Lion Park.

The Lion Park has numerous signs up prior to entering the lion enclosures, advising visitors to keep their windows closed at all times, not to stop their car, and not to leave their vehicles.

Unfortunately, injuries caused by animals whilst on holiday can be quite common. Often you will come across a seemingly tame animal with its owner but it may not be as nice as you are led to believe.

Even at zoos and aquariums, where you may assume that the animals are properly supervised and assessed for any dangers, there can be incidents. In May, 2015, a young boy celebrating his 10th birthday was bitten by a sea lion whilst at Jungle Park in Tenerife. The park offers “swim with the sea lion” activities and after just 5 minutes of being in the pool with the sea lion it attacked.

In Thailand there are tours to the famous Monkey Beach where you can see hundreds of sun-bathing monkeys who will basically leave you alone unless you have food. But if you inadvertently scare them they are still wild animals who may attack.

If you are attacked by an animal whilst on holiday it can be very difficult to claim compensation, especially if the animal is in the wild. It’s important to make sure that your travel insurance covers incidents involving animals as many local tour groups do not have any insurance whatsoever.

It’s important to take pictures of what happened, note where the attack occurred, get details of witnesses and keep hold of any medical reports if you receive treatment.

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