Can I Claim Compensation if my Child is Hurt in a Playground?

Summer holidays see a spike in child injuries, many of which take place in public playgrounds and parks, and often down to poorly maintained equipment. Find out what you can do if …


Driving Selfies: The Risk of Taking Selfies behind the wheel

Do you love to take selfies? Would you risk causing an accident or potentially losing your driving licence by taking one whilst at the wheel?


Could a Bionic Eye be the Solution to Your Eye Injury?

The bionic eye: This revolutionary technology could be the future to restoring your eyesight lost through incurable disease or unfortunate injury.


That's a Load Off My Mind! How To Avoid Heavy Load Accidents

If you work in manufacturing or with heavy objects you should read this blog detailing common heavy load accidents and how to protect yourself from heavy load accidents.


Bus Builders Suffer Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome

Bus building company Alexander Dennis Ltd. have landed a £100,000 fine for ignoring safety reports and subjecting 25 workers to uncontrolled exposure to hand-arm vibration syndrome…

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