That's a Load Off My Mind! How To Avoid Heavy Load Accidents

Advice on How to Avoid Heavy Load Accidents

A heavy item falling on a worker has the potential to be a fatal accident. Falling objects can also cause serious accidents by crushing people beneath, hitting them on the head or leaving them with a crush injury.

This type of serious accident is common in the manufacturing sector and they often occur when maintenance is taking place as this necessitates moving heavy items around or perhaps unintentionally causing a heavy item to fall.

Why Heavy Loads Fall

Heavy items can fall due to a miscalculation when moving a load, poor lifting practices or the lifting equipment you are using failing altogether.

Heavy loads can fall if their supports are not strong enough, if they are on uneven ground or if the ground is not suitably firm.

Another common reason why heavy loads are dropped is because people will wrongly assume that they or their colleague can support the load or restrain it from moving. This over estimation of your ability often leads to dropping heavy loads and can cause an accident at work.

How to Protect Yourself From Heavy Load Accidents

Ensure that a risk assessment has been carried out before the heavy item is either moved or temporarily supported. You should also include the risk of disturbing heavy items inadvertently in your risk assessment.

Once you have established all the potential risks in your risk assessment, you should ensure that workers understand the risks that the heavy objects pose. If you are moving a heavy load you should communicate clearly how the work should be carried out. The same applies if you are doing maintenance on or around a dangerous heavy object.

It is also important to remember that you should never take on too much or give someone else too much weight to support or carry by themselves.

You also need to use the right equipment for the job – especially if you are planning on lifting, moving or supporting a heavy load in order to carry out your work.

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