Deadly Insects in the Supermarket: A Public Liability?

Insects and Public Liability Claims against Supermarkets

When venomous insects are found inside food products bought from UK supermarkets, it not only raises obvious concerns about risks to public health, but also the duty of care that supermarkets owe their customers.

Just last week, a care worker from Kent was bitten by a scorpion found inside a packet of bananas.

20-year-old Kita Fitton was making packed lunches for the young people with learning difficulties who live in the care home where she works. Kita opened a sealed bag of bananas from Tesco and, upon reaching inside, suddenly felt a sharp sting in her finger.

Upon removing her hand from the bag, Kita saw a tiny scorpion fall out and noticed that its sting was still embedded in her skin.

She said that the pain was extortionate and “felt like a bee sting, but at least 40 times worse.”

“Imagine if children had come into contact with it, it could have been so much worse.”

Tesco has promised to investigate the incident.

Are More Dangerous Insects Likely to Invade Our Groceries?

The scorpion that bit Kita Fitton is the latest in a line of potentially deadly insects making their way into fruit bowls around the UK.

Last Tuesday, an African Sac Spider was found inside a bunch of grapes bought from ASDA in Stoke-on-Trent.

Last month, an Aldi supermarket near Nuneaton was forced to close one evening after a family found the eggs of a Brazilian wandering spider inside a packet of bananas they bought at the store.

In October last year, a South London man had a near miss with a fully grown Brazilian wandering spider – said to be one of the most venomous spiders in the world – that he found among some bananas that had just been delivered to his family home by Waitrose.

Supermarkets have a duty of care towards their customers, so anyone bitten or stung by an insect found within food they have bought could pursue a public liability compensation claim against the supermarket.

In an interview with the BBC, food journalist Alex Renton commented how fruit grown without pesticides could contribute to an increase in the numbers of poisonous insects finding their way into our shopping bags.

Pesticides keep spiders away so, with more supermarkets buying organic produce, there is always the chance that we’ll see more deadly insects among the fruit we buy – and supermarkets could see more public liability claims coming their way for injuries caused by exotic creepy crawlies that simply shouldn’t have been there.

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