NutriBullet Explosion Left Young Mum with Horrific Burns

NutriBullet Explosion Left Young Mum with Horrific Burns

A young mum has suffered second degree burns after a NutriBullet juicer exploded as she was using it.

Tysha Stapleton was using the juicer as normal when it blew up in her face, showering her with boiling hot liquid. The smoothie she was making was meant to be cold but a malfunction in the machine meant the contents of the juicer heated up to a very high temperature.

When Tysha realised the machine wasn’t working properly she tried to unscrew it. It was at that point the explosion happened, covering her kitchen and her face in scalding liquid. She suffered extensive burns across her face, which are likely to leave her with permanent scarring.

The makers of the NutriBullet have stated that they will look into the malfunction and added, “We ensure the very highest quality standards are adhered to.”

Malfunctioning home appliances cause hundreds of injuries every year. Some are due to people not using them properly, but many are due to manufacturing faults. Many manufacturers do recall products that have harmed or may harm users, but often it’s not quickly enough to save people from further casualties.

Over the past four years manufacturers have recalled around four million faulty products including hairdryers, washing machines, mobile phone chargers and many other electrical items. But unfortunately many people do not realise when a product is recalled and therefore have a potentially dangerous appliance in their home.

If you want to check if any of your appliances have been recalled you can check the defective products register on the Electrical Safety First website.

Sometimes a product will malfunction and the manufacturer doesn’t already know about it. If this happens you can return the product to where you bought it from for a repair, replacement or a part or full refund. If you are injured by a malfunctioning product you have the right to claim compensation.

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