Row, Row, Row Yourself Safely Down the Canal

Row, Row, Row Yourself Safely Down the Canal

As the British weather starts to warm up, Claims Direct discusses the dangers of canals and their towpaths.

A nice walk along the canal on a sunny day seems like a lovely idea, but you should be mindful of uneven towpaths that could be a potential danger to either yourself or a member of your family. Falling on a canal towpath can be dangerous as it could mean accidentally falling into the canal itself.

When walking down the canal, to keep yourself safe, you should stay away from the water’s edge and tread carefully to avoid standing on uneven paving or any unexpected rocks or stones.

Canals are used frequently by the general public and naturally they become worn and in need of repair. When councils renovate them, there may be potentially hazardous surfaces along the towpath which you should be mindful of when using.

If you are walking your dog along the canal towpath, keep your pet on a lead to ensure they don’t jump in the canal. If your dog did jump into the canal, don’t jump to the rescue, you’d only be putting yourself at risk as well as your dog.

Hidden Dangers of Canals

Slippery Banks – There may be slippery banks along the canal so if you do walk too close to the edge, you could fall in and then find it difficult to get out.

Underwater Hazards – As canal water is usually murky and unclear, you can’t see what is below the surface. There could be anything from big boulders or rocks to foreign objects such as supermarket shopping trolleys.

Currents – Although canals seem calm and relaxed, they still have currents in them which can be difficult to swim through if you did accidentally fall in.

Coldness – Canal water is often very cold, colder than you’d find in a swimming pool, which could lead to hypothermia if you fell in.

Diseases – Canal water is untreated and therefore could contain an array of diseases which you wouldn't want to catch.

Not Safe for Swimming

If you think you might like to jump into the canal on a sweltering British summer’s day on purpose, think again. The canal waters will be just as dangerous as they would be if you fell in accidentally.

If you find yourself injured from an uneven towpath on a canal, Claims Direct can assist you in claiming compensation for your injuries. You should be able to walk along the canal towpath without having to worry about injuring yourself on an uneven surface.

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