Why Slipping and Tripping is No Joke and should be taken seriously

Why Slipping and Tripping is No Joke

Dealing with personal injury claims, we come across lots of different types of accidents, such as, serious injuries sustained in car crashes, medical negligence, slipping and tripping and many more.

Yes, you read that right: slipping and tripping can cause serious injuries that can have life altering consequences.

You would think that slipping and tripping would just be a case of getting yourself up and brushing it off or perhaps you might get a bruise, scratch or suffer a sprain. Sometimes the accident can be much more serious.

When you fall over, your landing can make what would have been a minor injury into a very serious one. You might trip up and fall into the road, slip off a roof or fall from height, or even bash your head off a surface as you fall to the ground.

So it is not just scratches and sprains that might result from a slip or trip accident. You could end up with a concussion, head injury or even a burn injury as is the case with many people employed to work in kitchens up and down the country.

A Commis Chef suffered serious thickness burns to his hand and arm as he reached out to steady himself after his foot slipped from underneath him. After plunging his hand and arm into a deep fat fryer full of hot oil he needed to have surgery and take five months off work. This could have been avoided if problems with water pooling around the dishwasher, steamers and vegetable prep areas had been resolved straight after the risk assessment had highlighted the problems.

The same happened at a fast food outlet. A 16-year-old worker instinctively put out her hand to break her fall when she slipped because of a leaking ice machine. The slip left the woman with severe burns.

Big businesses who have demonstrated that they take slips, trips and falls in the workplace seriously include a big biscuit company and an energy giant. EDF energy ran a company-wide communication campaign that helped bring down the number of slip and trip accidents they were recording. After reviewing their policies and safety assessments, Fox’ Biscuits put a new layer on their car park and re-layered their kitchen floor to help reduce the number of accidents. The proactive activity of these firms proves that slipping and tripping in the workplace is a genuine concern.

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