Cliff Top Selfies – How NOT to Take a Selfie

Cliff Top Selfies – How NOT to Take a Selfie

Taking selfies has been around for some time and as the craze has developed, people have resorted to dangerous tactics to get the best one. There are no laws against taking selfies, but you should use your common sense to know when it is not a good idea to take a selfie, like when standing near a cliff edge or driving a car, for example.

As we are currently in the school holiday season, there have been increasing numbers of youngsters getting dangerously close to scenic cliff edges and taking photographs. Some have even been photographed by onlookers sitting on cliff edges with friends.

ITV show, This Morning, interviewed the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) on research they conducted on rescue statistics. Results found that in 2014, life boats responded to 25 cliff related incidents and six of those, sadly, were fatalities. You can watch the interview here.

The RNLI suggest if you are out on a cliff walk and wish to take a selfie, you should be at least 5m from the edge of the cliff but, ideally, you should stay well back to avoid a potentially fatal fall. The cliffs are corroding all the time and you never know when they’ll break off.

Under no circumstances should you sit on a cliff edge hundreds of feet above the ground below just to get the perfect selfie.

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