Exploding EE Power Bar is Recalled

Exploding EE Power Bar is Recalled

EE has recalled their exploding Power Bar after a young Aberdeen women suffered severe burns on her hands.

Katy Emslie, from Aberdeen, was woken at 1am by an explosion and smoke in the air. She realised that her carpet was on fire and tried to put the flames out with her hands.

Once the smoke had cleared she realised that it was the EE Power Bar that had exploded, ignited the carpet, and shot across the room only inches from where she was sleeping.

EE has issued a statement that recalls one particular model of their Power Bar.

The Power Bar recall is for Model:E1-06.

EE says that no other models are affected. If you have a Power Bar from EE check the side of it. If it has the above model number stop using it immediately and return it to your local EE store. They will replace it with a new one.

All manufacturers have a duty of care when selling products to the public. We have the right to buy things that aren’t faulty, aren’t going to hurt us, and work properly.

If you ever have a product that doesn’t work properly you have the right to return it to the shop for a replacement, refund, or repair.

But if you’re injured due to a faulty product you also have the right to claim compensation. You can claim compensation for pain and suffering, for lost wages and expenses; and for the costs of rehabilitation.

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