Firm Fined After Employee Fell to his Death from Rotten Scaffolding

Firm Fined After Employee Fell to his Death from Rotten Scaffolding

The Health and Safety Executive has fined a Glasgow scaffolding firm after an employee fell from a two-storey building whilst carrying out roof work.

James Baillie, 53, fell through a scaffold tower deck and suffered fatal head injuries. The HSE discovered that the boards he was supplied with were rotten and not fit for purpose.

Extra Access Limited has been fined £40,000 for breaching the Health and Safety Act. The company failed to provide safe and suitable working equipment for their staff. They should have removed the scaffold tower from use altogether to get it fixed and made safe.

Falls from height at work are sadly very common, mainly due to employers not providing the correct equipment or training. Sometimes it’s a case of badly maintained equipment being used.

Employees often feel they can’t speak up, or are ignored, when reporting equipment that has suffered wear and tear but it’s really important that you do. Equipment that is no longer fit for purpose is a health hazard and can cause life-changing injuries, or even death. In 2014/15 142 people were killed whilst at work.

Your employer should always give you full and thorough training if they expect you to be working at height. If, at any point, you feel you don’t know enough, or want something in the training clarified, ask before you climb up on to anything.

You should also be given harnesses and a hard hat or helmet to prevent injury should you fall. The equipment you use should be up to the job i.e. the right height, strength, and sturdiness for the job that you need to do. If you don’t feel safe don’t continue.

If you do fall, or suffer any injury at work, you have the right to claim compensation from your employer. All employers must have insurance so your compensation wouldn’t come from your employer but their insurance company.

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