Holidays, Quad Bikes, and Keeping Safe

Holidays, Quad Bikes, and Keeping Safe

Our summer holiday is the one thing we look forward to most of all each year. It’s the time to sit back, relax, or try something different.

Many people try out new forms of transport or extreme sport whilst on holiday, be it abroad or in the UK, but often accidents happen when trying something new without training.

Quad bikes, also called all-terrain vehicles, are responsible for over 5,000 hospital admissions every year in the UK. There have been numerous deaths related to quad bikes, especially when they have been ridden by inexperienced riders.

On holiday you may think a quad bike is a harmless thing to try out, especially if your children are badgering you to have a go. But the road safety charity, Brake, advises that children should not be allowed to ride them, even on private land, as they don’t have the strength, skills or experience to handle them. Quad bikes can easily turn over if not controlled properly, especially on uneven ground.

Most quad bike accidents are caused by the vehicle overturning, usually due to excessive speed, inexperience and unsafe loads, i.e. too much weight for them to manage.

Other vehicles that you may come across on holiday include dune buggies, Segways, and mopeds. Again these are all linked to numerous accidents, mostly due to a lack of training and inexperience.

It’s really important to take a few lessons with an experienced teacher before going on any new vehicle, or letting your children go on them. The worse thing that could happen is for a life-changing injury to occur when you’re meant to be enjoying your annual holiday.

If you are considering a holiday adventure on a quad bike or any other mode of transport make sure you use a reputable firm with strict health and safety guidelines. If you can, book through a reputable source such as a holiday rep. Make sure you have the correct insurance to cover you for extreme sports because if you do get injured, and you’re not covered correctly, you will face large medical bills.

Sometimes the worst case scenario does happen but through no fault of your own. It may be down to faulty equipment or lack of advice or information regarding the vehicle. If you do suffer an injury abroad, or in the UK, that wasn’t your fault you have the right to claim compensation.

If you or a member of your family has suffered an injury when on holiday it’s really important to keep a record of the events and to keep any receipts from any related expenses.

Try and get witness details for any accident. Photographs are a good way to document what caused the accident. Take as many as you can from lots of different angles. If other people suffered injuries in the same accident get their names, phone numbers and addresses as they may be able to provide witness statements to support your claim for compensation.

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