Man Blinded in Explosion Caused by Make-Shift Hose

Man Blinded in Explosion Caused by Make-Shift Hose

A man suffered horrific life changing injuries due to a make-shift set up that caused an explosion at an engineering firm.

Mason Engineering’s owners had rigged up a non-industry standard hose fitting to transfer oxygen between pressurised cylinders. Debris built up in the end of the hose, causing it to overheat and ignite the oxygen.

This caused a large explosion and an employee was caught in the blast. He was blinded in his left eye and lost his left thumb and forefinger.

Samuel and Shaun Mason, the owners of Mason Engineering, have been fined £4,000 each for breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act.

When working with high pressure gases the correct fixtures should always be used. Employers should never ask you to work with equipment that isn’t made for the task at hand, especially if it’s been made out of inappropriate materials.

In this case a “home-made” fitting caused life changing injuries, but the outcome could have been a lot worse. No matter what an employer says, you have the right to say no. You can raise your concerns that something isn’t safe and refuse to use any equipment you feel could be dangerous.

Your employer has a duty of care whilst you are at work. This means they have to keep you safe, supply you with adequate equipment and training to do your work. If you are injured at work due to your employer using make-shift equipment you have the right to claim compensation.

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You can claim compensation for injuries caused by a work accident regardless of your employment status. Whether you were a self-employed contractor, a temp agency worker, a full or part time employee, or if you were simply visiting the premises at the time of the accident; there are laws to protect you even if you may have been partly at fault for the accident.

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