Tailgating – It’s More Dangerous Than You Think

Tailgating – It’s More Dangerous Than You Think

The term tailgate means to drive too closely behind another vehicle, a vast majority of drivers do this and sometimes without realising.

According to the Highway Code, some of the typical stopping distances should be:

23 metres/75 feet if you are travelling at 30mph

53 metres/175 feet if you are travelling at 50mph

96 metres/315 feet if you are travelling at 70mph

Recently, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) ran a campaign on the dangers of tailgating. They expressed that UK roads are busy enough as it is and so people should back off from the driver in front to eliminate this bumper to bumper driving and prevent accidents.

By driving too close to the car in front, not only is it intimidating the driver but it could cause an accident. If the driver in front stops suddenly, you wouldn’t have enough time to stop and would subsequently plough into the back of their vehicle.

It only takes one small lapse in concentration to lose control of a vehicle; the probability of crashing into the back of someone is significantly higher if you are tailgating than if you’re not tailgating.

APIL have created an animated video for the purpose of Injury Prevention Day that was on 19th August 2015 to show just how easy road traffic accidents can occur if you are tailgating the car in front.

There can be serious injuries to a person if someone’s tailgating goes wrong, such as whiplash, cuts and bruises, even concussion. Not only can these injuries affect the innocent driver, they can also affect the tailgater.

Next time you’re driving along the road, be mindful of the distance between the front of your car and the back of the car in front of you. If you find that you are too close, back off, just by driving up close and personal to the car in front, doesn’t mean you’ll get to your destination any quicker.

If you have been subjected to tailgating and you have been injured as a result of a collision that wasn’t your fault, you can claim personal injury compensation from the driver who drove into the back of you.

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