Toddler Attached by Eye to Low Level Shop Rail

Toddler Attached by Eye to Low Level Shop Rail

A terrified toddler was left attached to a pole by her eye in a designer outlet shop due to unsafe railings.

Poppy Cooper, who is just two years old, was shopping with her parents and sister at Ashford Designer Outlet in Kent when the accident happened. Unsteady on her feet, Poppy stumbled into a low railing hook in a Calvin Klein shop that became lodged behind her eye.

Amazingly her mother didn’t panic and gently lifted her off the hook, saving her eyesight. Poppy has been left with a scar inside her eyelid and a tilted eye. She is able to see but is still suffering nightmares, waking in the night shouting “eyes, eyes, eyes.”

Calvin Klein have acted quickly by removing the lowest rails and placing plastic stoppers on the remaining lower level rails. They have also changed the layout of the shop to prevent any eye injuries from happening again.

Any shop should have safeguards in place to make sure that no customer, or member or staff, is in any danger when on the premises. Shops must also have public liability insurance to cover them in case of a compensation claim.

Most storeowners will try their utmost to provide a safe haven for shoppers. Sadly, accidents in shops can, and do, happen. Usually it’s down to some form of oversight by the shop’s employees, for example, forgetting to mop up a spill, or leaving boxes in aisles.

There is a duty on the store or supermarket owner to ensure you are not injured during your visit. The Occupier’s Liability Act provides a framework for your protection, and may allow you to make an accident claim for compensation.

If you have been injured in a shop and it wasn’t your fault you can claim compensation. Make sure you record what happened, where the accident took place and when. If you can, try and take pictures of the hazard that caused the injuries, and take details of any witnesses.

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