Rugby – Do you Know How Serious your Injury is?

Rugby is an injury prone sport, you’re bound to get injured one way or another but you should pay attention to the seriousness of your injuries.


Smoking Ban in Cars Starts 1st October 2015

Personal Injury Lawyers explain the impact the smoking ban in cars could have on road traffic accidents. The law was introduced to protect children in England and Wales.


Fancy a Game of Golf? Head to your Local Pothole

Potholes can not only be an inconvenience to drivers, cyclists, bikers and pedestrians but they can also be a hazard and can cause road traffic accidents.


Workplace Accidents: Advice to Help Avoid Office Work Accidents

Accidents at work come in all shapes and sizes. There doesn’t necessarily have to be an accident in an office for there to be an injury. Injuries could happen whilst sat at your de…


What Qualifies as Special Damages in Personal Injury Claims?

When it comes to personal injury, what are ‘special damages’ and what qualifies as ‘special damages’? Claims Direct clarify.

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