Workplace Accidents: Advice to Help Avoid Office Work Accidents

Advice to Help Avoid Office Work Accidents

When you think of office work injuries, you’d probably think about the obvious ones such as those caused from an actual accident:

• tripping over boxes or files that have been left on the floor,

• tripping over exposed wires,

• scalding from hot drinks or hot food from the microwave,

• falling down stairs or on uneven floors due to an obstructed path way

What about the non-obvious office injuries such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), back strain, eye strain and musculoskeletal injuries?

All of which can be caused by sitting at your desk for long periods of time, looking at a computer screen without taking regular breaks or from repetitive movements and overuse of muscles. These are all injuries that do happen and can be prevented.

No matter what industry you work in, employers should supply all of the necessary health and safety measures and equipment for you to carry out your daily duties. This is the same for office work. As an office worker, your employer should supply you with an adequate desk, chair and the relevant technology for you to carry out your work.

Employers should also provide work station and equipment training either in the form of a personal demonstration, written information, a group tutorial or via an online course. This is to ensure all employees are aware of how to set up their work stations and use the equipment correctly to avoid personal injury and also to ensure employers abide by health and safety rules and regulations.

You, as an employee can prevent injuries by making sure you take regular breaks from the task at hand. They don’t need to be long breaks, a five minute break of standing to get refreshments or a breath of fresh air will be sufficient enough. You can also take regular mini eye breaks where you take a few minutes to look away from your screen to rest your eyes from the brightness of the computer.

Other ways to help yourself and prevent injury is to turn the brightness down on your computer and adjust your posture regularly. No posture, no matter how correct should be maintained for long periods of time.

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