Fancy a Game of Golf? Head to your Local Pothole

Fancy a Game of Golf? Head to your Local Pothole

Potholes – A popular bugbear with road users in the UK according to a survey conducted by the RAC. One in 10 motorists said the state of local roads was their main annoyance and half believe highways have deteriorated in the last year.

Not just a nuisance, potholes can also be a cause of avoidable road traffic accidents.

How Can a Pothole Cause an Accident?

It’s quite easy for a pothole to be the cause of a road traffic accident. Not only can they damage car tyres, they can also damage car suspension and the wheel alignment which can easily lead to a car veering off the road and colliding with another car or object, even a pedestrian.

Cyclists, bikers and pedestrians can also be the subject of accidents caused by potholes. Cyclists and bikers can get their wheels stuck in them if they weren’t aware they were approaching a pothole. Pedestrians can slip, trip or fall through not being aware of potholes being situated along their chosen route.

Local Councils

Councils have a duty to maintain the roads of their local areas and that includes filling in potholes when they occur so as to prevent possible accidents.

However, local councils can only fill in potholes if they know about them. The people of the community should report any potholes in their local area as soon as they are discovered in order to enable the council to fill it.

You can notify your local council by reporting a pothole through You need to fill out some details about the hazard along with approximate dimensions of the hole. You should also specify the road name or area so that the authorities can find it and rectify the issue.

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