Rugby – Do you Know How Serious your Injury is?

Rugby – Do you Know How Serious your Injury is?

It is common knowledge that rugby is an injury prone sport. If you’re on the field, you’re bound to get injured one way or another; you could obtain a few minor cuts and bruises to sprains, broken bones and soft tissue injuries.

It’s important that as a rugby player you take care of yourself when out on the field and be aware of the extent of your injuries. You could obtain a knee injury but decide not to think anything of it and continue playing. Over time this could deteriorate and become painful when playing the sport.

If you ignore injuries that may seem minor at the time they occur, you could be setting yourself up for more serious health problems down the line, thus potentially shortening the life span of your sporting career.

It is understandable that your career in rugby means everything to you but after a sporting injury, make sure you get yourself checked out, and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to get back to full health before rushing back out to play on the field.

If you don’t recover fully before getting back in the game, your injury may get worse to the point where you’ll never fully recover from it and have to force yourself into early retirement. You may have to have rehabilitation and medical support for the rest of your life, which could otherwise have been avoided if you’d have waited a little longer to recover from your injury in the first place.

Sporting injuries whether they are from rugby or another sport can be serious and have life changing affects which can ultimately end a sportsman’s career.

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