£750,000 Fine for Manufacturing Company to Blame for Fatal Accident

£750,000 Fatal Accident Fine for Manufacturing Company

If you work with dangerous machines then having a safe working procedure and adequate guarding is vital.

The moving parts of machinery - or the material that is ejected by them – can injure workers when the machine has inadequate guarding. When a machine contains sharp edges or blades it is especially dangerous because it has the potential to stab, cut or sever the limb of an employee.

Machines at work can be deadly. You could be drawn into a machine and trapped or crushed. Crush injuries occur when a worker gets a body part trapped between two moving parts of a machine or a moving part and a fixed machine part or wall.

Tragically, 26-year-old William Ridge was killed in an accident at work on 25 September 2013. He worked on a bagging site for manufacturing company Hanson Packed Products Ltd in Dagenham. His right arm was drawn into the powered roller of an in-feed conveyor machine.

Without guards, moving conveyor belts can drag workers inside machines with dangerous moving parts with catastrophic consequences.

Employers are responsible for proving their employees with a safe working environment. They should do everything they can within their control to keep workers from harm. This includes keeping machines well maintained and fixing guards in place to offer protection from dangerous parts.

Hanson Packed Products Ltd failed on both these accounts and was fined £750,000 by the Health and Safety Executive. The hefty fine illustrates the serious nature of the offence. You should immediately report a lack of guarding on a machine to your employer if it has the potential to be a danger.

Employers should ensure all machines are safe for their employees to use. With the right guarding and protection, serious injuries such as crushed fingers and lost limbs can be avoided. If you see a lack of protection or guarding on a dangerous machine, you should report it to your employer. You might just save someone’s life.

No amount of money will ever bring a loved one back but securing compensation can help you to make the adjustments you need to easier. It is your legal right to claim fatal accident compensation for any suffering, distress or pain that your loved one went through.

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