Table Tennis Crush Injury

Table Tennis Crush Injury

A worker had his legs crushed by a stack of concrete table tennis tables in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester.

He was standing next to a pile of four table tennis tables balanced on top of resin barrels before the accident at work occurred.

A colleague moved another one-ton table on top of the stack using an overhead crane. The half empty resin barrels, which were never designed to hold loads, folded under the weight causing four tons of concrete to slide off.

The collapsing tables trapped the employee against the crane stanchion crushing his legs.

Luckily, other colleagues were able to move the heavy tables to free the trapped man and he was rushed to a hospital by air ambulance. Unfortunately, he has been unable to return to work since the accident happened on 20 February 2015 and had to spend 10 weeks in hospital with his crush injury.

The Health and Safety Executive Investigation into the accident found that the employer, Bendcrete Leisure Ltd, failed to plan the work and supervise the moving of heavy loads to ensure it was carried out safely.

Employers have a duty to protect their employees’ safety and must do whatever is reasonably practicable to do so. This means that they should plan out all work that involves moving dangerous or heavy loads to be certain that no harm can come to their employees.

As Bendcrete Leisure Ltd did not plan out a safe plan for the work that needed to be carried out they were in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act and were fined £12,000.

If you suffer a crush injury in an accident at work that is not your fault then you are entitled to work accident compensation. You will have to prove that the injury you suffered was caused by someone else, such as your employer, but remember that employers have a responsibility to plan out work safely and provide supervision where necessary.

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